5 Reason Why The Smart Flip Trap Is Better Than Other Mouse Traps

Since you’ve come to this blog, chances are you’ve probably got a bit of a mouse problem on your hands! Don’t worry, we’ve been there, and we know just how frustrating it can be trying to look for a trap that suits your needs when there’s just so many out there! However, here at Smart Flip Trap, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create our own solution.

The Smart Flip Trap takes humane mouse traps to a whole new level! In this blog, we’ll go over 5 of the main reasons why The Smart Flip Trap is better than other mouse traps on the market! Perhaps, we’ll even convince you to give our trap a shot!

Non-Toxic and safe to use around other pets

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For people with pets, finding safe traps to use while having your pets on the loose is one of their greatest concerns! Using traps that could snap or utilize poisons to get rid of unwanted house intruders, could easily end up affecting your cats or dogs too. 

Poisons are especially dangerous as even if you keep the traps out of reach, there’s no guarantee they won’t come in contact with them through the mice they’re aimed towards. Many poisons don’t act immediately, leaving time for the mouse to wander off leaving traces of the substance wherever they go. 

The Bucket Lid Mouse Trap doesn’t use any dangerous components like poisons, instead, it’s simply a bucket that holds the mice with a flap that captures whatever wanders atop it. The flap itself is much too small for most cats or dogs to even fit inside, so there’s no risk of leaving the Bucket Lid Trap somewhere your pets could reach. Just make sure the bait your using to tempt the mice isn’t harmful for your dogs or cats to eat, just in case they get the urge to investigate!

Humane trap design for catch and release

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While the Bucket Lid Mouse Trap could be used in lethal ways such as filling the bucket partially with water or oil; the general design of it is meant more for a catch and release method! The main goal is to lure the mice to step far enough to trigger the trap into dropping below them, trapping them in the bucket in the process. The drop itself, depending on the bucket depth you choose, shouldn’t be enough to cause any harm to them either!

Once you’ve caught the little mice or rats, you can easily transport them along with the bucket far away from your home and release them there instead. In this way, you don’t have to feel guilty about removing them from your home as they still have just as good a chance surviving elsewhere!

Easy to use both indoors and outdoors

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The Bucket Lid Mouse Trap can be placed on any bucket with a wide enough diameter to fit it, therefore you can easily place it on any bucket you’d like depending on whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors! Use a heavy duty bucket weighed down with rocks, for instance, if you plan to place it in a barn.

With the simple mechanics of the trap, you don’t even have to worry about it only being useful during certain seasons! The only thing you have to worry about is changing out the bait and checking the trap from time to time!

Works on mice and larger rodents like rats

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Unlike other traps which are too small to catch rats, the bucket lid mouse trap is only limited by the size of the flap and capacity of the bucket! If you’ve got larger rodents to catch, simply get a deeper bucket. 

If you find the rats or mice are getting wise to the use of this trap, you can even try hiding it under stuff, changing out the bucket or washing the lid thoroughly so any previous captives scents have been washed away! 

Can be reset and reused as many times as needed

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One of the biggest selling points of this simple mechanic trap is that it can be reused as many times as needed! Unlike others such as sticky glue traps which are really only single use; the Bucket Lid Trap doesn’t usually retain any evidence of being used to trap other mice! If you’re really worried, you can even wash or get a whole new bucket every now and then to be sure they won’t get spooked by other scents.

These 5 reasons barely scratch the surface as to why the trap can and is very useful, but we’ll let you be the real judge of that yourself! Click Here to shop for a Smart Flip Trap Today!