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Original Smart Flip Trap Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

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Catch the critters and keep your space pest free! Our Smart Flip Trap Bucket Lid Mouse Trap is easy to use and set up! It quickly catches rodents in a big bucket (not included) so you can remove them from your area.

PET/CHILDREN FRIENDLY - Stop purchasing traditional Mouse/Rat traps which can harm your family pet or even worse... your children. Our Mouse/Rat trap is 100% safe and nontoxic.

How to Set Up:

  • Sanitary - No more having to dispose of dirty corpses from a glue or snap trap, which can potentially infect you with a deadly disease. Now simply release/dispose of the mice/rats without getting close to the mess.
  • Mice/Young Rats - Our trap has the unique capability to catch both mice and small to medium sized rats

Product information:

  • Dimensions:2 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight:14 ounces

Packaging includes:

  • 1 * Smart Flip Trap Bucket Lid
  • 1 * Smart Flip Trap Bucket Weighted Plank
  • 2 Piece Ramp
  • 1*Instructional Guide


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