Reusable Mouse Trap.
Mouse Trap.
Reusable Mouse Trap.
Reusable Mouse Trap.
Rat Trap.
Reusable Mouse Trap.

Reusable Mouse Trap

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- Mouse hold design, this design attracts mouse and definitely helps catch more mouse because we all know the mouse like drilling holes.

-You can use a mouse trap to catch mice, rather than kill them, it's more humane than terrible rat glue. Abundant ventilation reduces stress to trapped mice.

- Safe to use, it's not safe to use the traditional mousetraps or any glue traps around Children and Pets. There is a safe way to deal with unwanted house guests.

- High quality and resuable, good ABS transparent plastic means fall is easily tracked. Metal door is more sturdy that the mouse is hard to bite through it, it also can be reused.

-Aensitive pedal, the gear type will close the hole revolving door automatically and keep the mouse in after the mouse delivered into the hole. Suitable for both small and large mouse.


-Material: Plastic

-Size: 32*8.5*8cm

Package includes:

1/2Pcs x Mouse Trap