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Reusable Mouse Trap

Reusable Mouse Trap

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Catch mice effectively and sustainably with our Reusable Mouse Trap. Designed for efficiency and convenience, it's a reliable tool to keep your space rodent-free. Say goodbye to single-use traps and embrace a greener approach to pest control.


  • Mouse Hold design: Attracts mice and enhances trapping efficiency due to their natural inclination towards holes.
  • Child and Pet Friendly: Provides a secure and family-friendly solution for dealing with unwanted pests without endangering children and pets.
  • High-quality and Reusable: Constructed with durable ABS transparent plastic for easy tracking of captured mice. Sturdy metal door prevents mice from escaping and allows for multiple uses.
  • Sensitive Pedal: The gear-type mechanism ensures the revolving door automatically closes, securely trapping the mouse upon entry.
  • Suitable for All Mice: Versatile design accommodates both small and large mice, making it a highly effective solution for rodent control.


-Material: Plastic

-Size: 32*8.5*8cm

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